Do you ever have so many ideas in your mind that they start colliding and the inside of your head explodes, making you incapable of doing anything? Do you ever find yourself staring at your laptop screen post-brain-explosion wondering where to start: emails, homework, work work, or going down Wikipedia rabbit holes?

This happens to me often and, as I've gotten older, I've realized something: it's normal. And necessary.

We live in a culture that is obsessed with perfection and neatness. But I have some earth shattering news: creativity is the opposite of neat. It's messy. It's jumbled. It's chaotic. And it's confusing.

Navigating mental confusion and uncertainty is a key ingredient to creative breakthroughs and success. People don't often receive the gift of knowing this though because we don't share or celebrate our messes. We're ashamed.

Instead we share our end results and successes. The successful launch of a business or buying a first car with money made from hustling.

It's important to remember that all worthwhile creations were preceded by nebulous phases, and that being forced to grasp in the dark is character building. It forces a person to be resourceful and resilient, and actually follow through on ideas.

So don't be ashamed if your mind is overloaded, or even vapid sometimes because you're tired of thinking and you're lost. Enjoy being lost. Know that it counts and matters in your creative journey. It's crucial, actually. Being lost and wandering means you're exploring the recesses of your mind, ideas, and what's possible.

Think of creativity and confusion as best friends. Next time they're hanging out in your headspace, invite some friends and mentors in to share what you're noodling to up-level the chemistry. Don't hide. And most importantly of all, don't give up on the creative within you.