"Swati taught a Business and Entrepreneurship course in our pre-college enrichment program. This was our first experience working with Swati and she did an amazing job. As part of the curriculum students had to create their own business plan and develop all elements of launching a new business. Swati guided them through the process, while allowing them to shine with their own individual ideas. The students had very positive feedback about the class, and felt that Swati was not only great at explaining the concepts but very relatable as well. She’s clearly had experience working with younger entrepreneurs and was definitely a motivational influence on our students." - Eva Strausberg / Director of Programs

UCSD Summer Spring Board Entrepreneurship Institute
Shining, Guiding, Positive, Relatable, Motivational
Chandler C. / University of San Diego '22 / Founder of Chandler Visuals

"Swati is such a genuine and inspiring person. As a coach, she pushes me to be my best in all aspects of my life and genuinely cares so much about every person that she meets. She has such an incredible ability to focus your ideas into actionable steps and makes you feel (realize!) you can accomplish anything you set your mind to."

Fun, Uplifting, Genuine, Motivating

Jakobi Dye / Founder of Vibesuit

"I think it is really beneficial to talk with someone that has an outside perspective. I also love that I feel like I have someone to bounce ideas off of. Swati helped reignite the passion for my work."

Inspiring, Focusing, Realigning

Alex M. / Founder of Sounds Bueno Studios

"I love that our conversations are very in depth and cover most aspects of my life. These talks help clear up my thinking for the next steps I need to take."

Wholesome, High-Value, Thorough, In-Depth

Rochelle A. / Founder of Sweven Heaven

"Swati is of great help! Not only did she guide us and answer our questions, she instantly became our mentor. The combination of her personality, knowledge and network are what startup entrepreneurs need! I truly recommend."

Inspiring, Dedicated, Jump-Starting