The Business of Young™ works with youth, school districts, and youth-centered organizations and businesses to develop learning and development opportunities for tomorrow's leaders. To inquire about program development and services, please fill out the contact form or email

Youth-Centered Organizational Consulting, Workforce Development, & Training

The Business of Young™ works with educational and youth-centered organizations, as well as youth-forward employers to develop leadership training and professional development experiences that build greater understanding of Generation Z, and the challenges they face as well as strengths they bring. The purpose of developing a more youth- and community-centered leadership praxis for adults in positions of authority and influence is to increase engagement and enhance workforce outcomes with youth. Consultations are customized to the needs and challenges of organizations, as well as the communities they serve.

Ideal for school districts, private school communities, nonprofit or community-based organizations, youth-centered organizations, and companies that heavily employ youth.

Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship Programs

The Business of Young's™  middle and high school entrepreneurship programming is rooted in the idea of entrepreneurship as a multicultural American tradition that has the power to catapult youth from diverse backgrounds into a life of social and economic agency.The goal of the program is to instill in youth the entrepreneurial mindset and practical foundational skills needed to jumpstart a creative career in business over the course of eight weeks, making entrepreneurship education more equitable, accessible, and relevant to young people who need it most.

Ideal for school districts, youth-serving organizations and educational programs, small business development centers, and city recreation services.

Youth Coaching & Mentoring Programs

The Business of Young™ offers one-on-one and group-based Creativity, Small Business, and Early Career coaching and mentoring for young and emerging adults. Coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes long, can be in-person or virtual, and are available individually as well as in packages. The purpose of focused and personalized coaching is to help youth engage in self-discovery to effectively navigate new challenges and opportunities, craft strong and unique professional narratives, build business and leadership acumen, and unleash their creative potential with the help of structured supportive relationships.

Ideal for school districts, private high schools, colleges, and universities, individual college students and families, and niche learning communities.